• HCp® is a parametrized module that facilitates the normalized record according to leading international classifications within healthcare practice.

  • It has an easy visualization of patient status, which allows knowing the clinical situation as well as diagnostic, therapeutic and administrative procedures already carried out or underway.

  • It contains intuitive and agile assistants for registering various types of benefits that the patient receives from visits to different diagnostic, therapeutic and administrative procedures.

  • It allows the characterization of cancer diagnosis attending to: location, sublocation, histology, molecular targets, staging/tumour burden and metastasis.

  • It makes possible the selection and automatic unloading as well as requesting data from other Information Systems such as analytic tests, toxicities, completed diagnosis tests, etc.

  • In addition, the association of alerts and reminders allows different professionals, in charge of patients, to visualize, remember and intervene.

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