• It has a single screen with easy access to the patient, its treatment, the schedule of activity, the incidences, the pharmacotherapeutic clinical records and the follow up, which facilitates tasks to be done by the professional.

  • It has a pharmacotherapeutic prescription available by antineoplastic drug protocols, by support therapy, by drug and by brand name; as well as any other therapeutic procedure.

  • Automates all the calculation processes attending to the criteria defined by the user (m2, kg, AUC, fix, by rank, etc.), with the possibility of global or partial individual adjustment, accurate/direct, as well as adjustment of the dosage/frequency interval, intercycle (frequency), etc.

  • Assist professionals establishing the therapeutic plan by the automatic programming of the treatment cycles to be given. This programming is integrated in MAC Module and allows us to establish clinical activities, as well as logistical, derived from assistance.

  • Protects and helps professionals by means of a protected data entry and a powerful Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and Alerts in prescription as well as clinical validation of the prescribed treatments.

  • The suitability of treatment confirmation is watched by means of a clinical assistant for evaluation, as well as the automatic connection for obtaining and establishing the CTCAE classification grade for the patient’s laboratory tests.

  • It allows obtaining multiple documents which are addressed to professionals (Prescription and Administration Reports, Discharge, etc.) as well as patients (Informed Consent Form, Patient Training, Medication Schedule Sheets, etc.).

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