• It allows the clinical validation of prescription through a visual assistant.

  • It encourages the communication with the physician through registration of messages.

  • It facilitates the lists and labels necessary to get ready for compounding.

  • It adds mobility (tablet) and traceability to the technical validation of the compounded treatment.

  • If the Intravenous Therapy Unity adds assisted compounding systems (ePASE® or compounding robots) it also has functionalities for destination management and tele-validation.

  • The functionality DISPENSA® facilitates comprehensive attendance of Outpatient Units and allows the establishment of Rational Use of Drug programs.

  • DISPENSA® integrates the processes of traceability (batch number and expiry date), as well as validation of patients’ adherence to pharmacotherapeutical treatment.

  • DISPENSA® ensures the stock-forecast in order to have in every moment the necessary medication for each patient (refill).

  • It provides predefined or customized reports for the development of the assistance activity (dispensing sheet, medication schedule sheets, patient education, etc.).

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