History of the triskel

IMF’s logo is inspired by the shape of a triskel. This one is characteristic of the La Tène Celtic art, within the Iron Age Celtic culture. The word derives from the Greek term triskelés, which means “three legs”. According to the Celtic culture, it represents the evolution and growth, the balance between body, mind and spirit. It means the beginning and the end, the eternal evolution and the perpetual learning.

We wanted to represent the three disciplines that govern IMF since its founding: computing discipline, medical and pharmaceutical ones. The interdisciplinary essence is a distinguishing value of our company, which allows generating a synergy that ensures the development of solutions adapted to the assistance reality within the scope of the onco-hematological patient. The need to adapt our products to this reality required the incorporation of nursing to that triad in order to complete the interdisciplinary team that safeguards the quality, safety, efficiency and traceability in patient healthcare.