Informática Médico Farmacéutica, IMF’s executive management assumes the responsibility of establishing a Quality, Environment and R&D&I Policy, promising to achieve the requirements specified by our customers, that is to say, the legal and obligatory requirements including the environmental legislation and regulation and their goals, in line with the view and actions for continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment and R&D&I).

IMF’s executive management maintains, as one of its priority goals, the continuous improvement of the products and services that offers, providing the Integrated Management System with the maximum efficiency. These key dimensions are focused on guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients, as well as the competitiveness and survival of our company, through market and jobs expansion.

IMF’s policy is aimed at encouraging and strengthen R&D&I activities as a differential factor for competitiveness in Health Information and Communication Technology (HICT). In turn, our policy establishes the guidelines for the promotion of R&D&I activities development as well as the efficient management of relationship with other companies in the same area and university institutions.

In the same way, IMF commits to the protection and prevention of environment, supporting and encouraging the use of the processes aimed to minimize the energy and water consumption, fuel and natural resources and the amount of emissions, effluents and generated waste. This commitment will be fulfilled, as soon as it becomes possible technically and economically.

In the clinical area, in a similar way to other sectors like aviation, quality policies are indispensable because they have a direct affect on patient health care quality and safety, as well as on our company credibility and the fact of gaining client’s loyalty. The reliability of our products and services, together with patient attendance are the foundation of IMF’s view which is FACILITATING PATIENT CARE, a goal that can only be achieved by means of superior quality.

All our ICT systems and its corresponding modules, as well as all our users training services, are compliant with the specific needs within the clinical sector. Therefore, they are continuously enriched by the explicit suggestions and recommendations of every client and also by our participation in R&D&I projects, our experience and continuous effort.

We provide the best possible service to our clients and users assisting and caring for them at all times by three basic norms of the deployed communication platform: assistance, training and resolution.

IMF’s quality, environment and R&D&I policy, attending ICT two lifecycles, is based on the next principles that support the sociotechnological view of our technologies:

  • Provide a maximum quality customer service by means of a product that broadly satisfies client’s expectations, ensuring his/her outstanding professional position.

  • Train our clients in the use of our technologies always standing behind a training performed by highly qualified clinical experts.

  • Meet the Quality Management System and R&D&I requirements, as well as the obligatory ones concerning organization, this is, continuously keeping and improving   the efficiency of the model.

  • Maintain the quality and continuous improvement of our company management, enhancing the efficiency of the provided services by the establishment and regular revision of objectives, indicators and standards, being these audited by auditing firms internally and externally as a support for decision making.

  • Develop an optimal attitude and aptitude towards attendance of clients in order to get full satisfaction, controlling and reducing the number of incidents through three aspects: training, attendance and incident resolution.

  • Rise awareness about the importance of R&D&I, motivating and inspiring all personnel to participate in the related activities working as a team.

  • Reduce energy consumption as well as emissions and generated waste.

  • Encourage the involvement of the team in the company philosophy. Our company is everyone’s heritage as all of us are nourished by it. In this sense we pursue the commitment of the team with the company view and the objectives established.

In order to achieve this policy targets IMF’s Executive Management commits to facilitate technical, logistical, educational and human means for all personnel. It also guarantees that it is entirely certain that we are in the right path towards quality excellence so that IMF continues belonging to the leading group of ICTs for Health Sector.

This Quality, Environment and R&D&I policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure that conveys its purpose. It is available to the public at IMF’s headquarters as well as on website.

December 11th, 2017, Valencia.

Executive Management